Notes from Parents

We have posted some correspondense and notes from parents of children at fullakids of the past and the present as reference to share with our visitors.



I visited Bangkok last June to see my daughter and her family and was very surprised to see my 2 yearold grandaughter already singing and dancing at Fullakids Daycare. The place is right next to the place I stayed in Soi Langsuan , Sukhumvit area (Richard D John: Kansas, USA)


10 Jun 06






Hello, you accept kids just for hours, days? or even you know somebody who could accompany us and entertain my boy in working time? what do you charge? my son speaks just katalan, spanish and german, no english yet.... That might be a problem... gratefully expecting your answer with my best regards, Pia
// Dear Pia,   We are always open to short term visits and have had many in the past.  It is no problem what so ever to have your son join us for the days that you are busy.  We do all kinds of things that 3 year olds enjoy such as reading stories, painting, sticking, playdough, and just all kinds of fun. I usually charge a flat 600baht daily rate for as long as you need from 7.30am - 5.30pm. ... The language shouldn't be a problem since a lot of our children come from all over the world and some do not speak English.  Children have a unique way of getting the point across without words.  If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to ask.  I hope to see you soon.  Sincerely, Radeane. // Hello Radeane, thank you very much for your friendly answer. Probably I will stop by on monday or tuesday next week with my son and we will see how he feels about staying there. I am looking forward to meet you :-) with my best regards, Pia (Barcelona/ Spain)

Letter from Pooh's Parent:  Dear Ms Radeane.  It has been almost 2 years since our son joined Fullakids... Many thank for taking the time to take care of our kid in such a quality program... The first time we went to Fullakids to talk to you, we can feel that Fullakids will take care of our son like your own kid. Ms. Radeane, teachers, assistant teachers and nannies are kind and friendly. Your nursery has a very good program with various activities for the child. We feel that my son, Pooh, loves to go to Fullakids and really enjoy playing through your different learning activities and we notice his outstanding development. He learned a lot and enjoyed many activities with your program and good friends in daycare. He can adapt himself to new learning. For example, he cleaned up everytime he plays, he can sing many songs, reading cartoon book, sticking properly objects and painting better. And most importantly, his prononciation of S, Ch or Sh is better and he can recall many English words while he is looking around. We want to thank again for everything you have provided for our kid. We really appreciated that. With best regards...Pooh's Parent: Bangkok Thailand (1 Nov 06 )

Letter from Lia's Parent:
Our daughter Lia is lucky to have spent her early years with Ms. Radeane and her staff.  A child’s early experiences are so influential in shaping his or her success in school.  Fullakids has provided such a great start and we are very happy with the progress our daughter has made in the past 2 years.  In fact, our daughter loves Ms. Radeane so much and her other teachers that she continues to come every Saturday to be with them.  Our daughter Lia brings fond memories of Fullakids with her to our home everyday as she pretends to be Ms. Radeane and plays “school”.  It always amuses us…she truly loves Fullakids!  Thanks everyone at Fullakids!, Regards, Lucille and Ferdinand Gutierrez (28 Mar 2007)

Letter from Simon's Parent:
Dear Radeane, I don't know if you remember who Simon is but he remembers Fullakids and the good times he spent with you... I really want to wish you a happy new year 2008! Best regards, Sophie Debout (15 Jan 2008)


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